Augmented reality may have a future in health care

medical technology

medical technology

Report explores the use of augmented reality in MRI procedures

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, a private research university based in Maryland, have produced a study concerning augmented reality and its uses in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). According to the study, augmented reality could be a useful tool for health care professionals and could enable more accuracy in various medical practices. The study suggests that the interactive nature of augmented reality, as well as its ability to enable health care professionals to see medical situations in a new way, could become a staple in the medical world.

Technology beginning to break away from novelty

Augmented reality has long been considered a novelty technology by most. Technology companies have been well aware of the various applications of augmented reality, but have been limited in its use by the capabilities of computer hardware. Advancement in mobile technology enabled the expanded use of augmented reality, but primarily in the realms of marketing and entertainment. Now, the technology is beginning to spread into more practical applications, which could have serious implications for the world of medicine.

Study finds augmented reality can make procedures more accurate

According to the study, researchers were able to make a digital overlay using augmented reality. This overlay allowed them to perform highly accurate joint arthrography injections. The injections are used to introduce contrast material that allows medical professionals to better comprehend MRI reports. Researchers conducted the study on 12 cadavers and found that augmented reality could aid in MRI procedures and remove some degree of inaccuracies.

New systems could be adapted for use in the health care industry

It may be several years before augmented reality can make its successful entry into the medical world, but the technology has already established a strong foothold. Beyond medicine, augmented reality is being used in a multitude of practical ways. The European Space Agency recently developed a diagnostic system that makes use of the technology and enables the efficient discovery of faults in various types of mechanical systems. Though this system was primarily designed for use by the European Space Agency, it can easily be adapted for use in the health care industry.

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