Augmented reality marketing campaign launched by National Bank of Kuwait

Augmented Reality Mobile Commerce

New augmented reality campaign could be engaging for tech-savvy consumers

Snipp Interactive, a mobile marketing firm, has announced the launched of a new augmented reality campaign for the National Bank of Kuwait. Augmented reality has managed to establish a strong presence in the marketing world due to its interactivity. Consumers that have engaged in marketing campaigns that make use of the technology often report a favorable experience and show willingness in participating in these campaigns on a regular basis. The dynamic nature of augmented reality helps make marketing campaigns feel less like advertising and more like a brush with science fiction in some regards.

Campaign is connected to contest from National Bank of Kuwait

The new marketing campaign for the National Bank of Kuwait can be accessed through the use of the SnippAR application. Using the application, consumers will be able to activate augmented reality experiences that are embedded in posters and other such marketing material. The campaign is part of a contest that the National Bank of Kuwait is currently hosting. Much of the augmented reality content is designed to show off the various prizes that are associated with this contest. For instance, consumers can use the SnippAR application to activate a digital tour of the contests’ grand prize: An Azimut yacht.

AR creates highly engaging experience for consumersAugmented Reality Mobile Commerce

The National Bank of Kuwait expects that augmented reality will help attract tech-savvy consumers to its contest. The marketing campaign is also expected to help expose consumers to the services that are offered by the bank. Snipp Interactive suggests that the technology allows for the most engaging marketing possible and using the technology could set marketing campaigns apart from others that do not make use of the technology.

Importance of mobile marketing is on the rise

Depending on the success of the campaign, the National Bank of Kuwait may opt to work with Snipp Interactive in the future. The marketing firm has shown proficiency in engaging mobile consumers through the use of innovative technology and marketing techniques. With more consumers becoming heavily reliant on smartphones and tablets, marketing campaigns that are designed to appeal specifically to these consumers are becoming more important.

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