Augmented reality manual from Hyundai stands out at LA Auto Show

Augmented Reality car

After that, it also stood out quite significantly at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, as well.

At the LA Auto Show, attendees were blown away by the demo of an augmented reality manual that was presented by Hyundai and last week the automaker was able to drum up enthusiasm once more with its fascinating use for the technology.

This AR tech based manual truly stood out because – unlike other technology in the category – it’s ready to go.

So much of the augmented reality heads up displays and concept products were demonstrated as an example of what is to come. However, in the case of the Hyundai AR manual, the presentation was for a product that was ready for consumers to use. The manual was demonstrated earlier at the LA Auto Show but it impressed event attendees just as much at the CES, last week. The manual can be used on smartphones and tablets, regardless of whether they are based on iOS or Android operating systems. It uses an app and the camera built into the device.

From there, the device uses augmented reality to recognize and provide information about various vehicle components.

Augmented Reality carThis is the case within the vehicle cabin as well as under the hood and in the trunk. The user must simply aim the device at the location from which information is desired and the AR technology allows the smartphone or tablet to recognize various auto parts and features so that it can present the appropriate overlay labels. Those labels provide the user with a description of what he or she is seeing and offers additional tutorials about how certain tasks – such as oil checks, etc. – can be completed.

While this may not have been quite as dramatic as the virtual games and the drones that were large enough for a human passenger, but this particular product was also not simply in its prototype form. Consumers who were impressed with this feature could potentially benefit from it in the present instead of simply at some point down the road, so to speak.

The idea of the augmented reality was quite an elegant and simple one, which helped to explain why it wowed such a large number of people at an event with thousands of products continually vying for the attention of every attendee.

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