Augmented reality makes an impression in Canada

Augmented Reality turning print ads into interactive media

Augmented Reality turning print ads into interactive media

Canada gets bombarded with augmented reality during Thanksgiving

Canada recently kicked off its Thanksgiving celebrations and among the festivities augmented reality began to appear nearly everywhere. Digital content flooded the country over the weekend, much of which was accessed through mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. This digital content was embedded in numerous materials, such as newspapers, print advertisements, and was also promoted during sports broadcasts and other televised events. When the celebrations came to an end, augmented reality had left its mark on Thanksgiving.

Digital content finds its way around the country

Readers of acclaimed Canadian newspapers Postmedia were able to find augmented reality content from Nissan embedded within the pages of the publication. Some consumers were able to find recipes for Thanksgiving meals through the use of augmented reality applications. These applications helped them make their way through a recipe. Consumers made use of applications from Layar and Aurasma to access the digital content that was cropping up throughout the country.

Ontario Augmented Reality Network conference shows off innovative projects

Canada recently served host to the Ontario Augmented Reality Network conference. During this event, attendees were exposed to a number of new augmented reality projects that sought to bring innovation to their particular field. The event helped expose the Canadian people to augmented reality technology and painted a promising future for the technology and its use within the country.

Businesses continue to show interest in augmented reality

Businesses interested in augmented reality are beginning to see national holidays as a promising opportunity for engaging consumers. Interactive technologies, such as augmented reality, are capable of establishing a dynamic connection between a business and a consumer. Businesses have already seen the benefits of using augmented reality in marketing and those in Canada are expected to continue using the technology to reach out to consumers in the future. This is especially true given the new projects that were revealed during the Ontario Augmented Reality Network conference.

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