Augmented reality is saturating the world of art with new initiative from Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu, an acclaimed digital artist based in Sydney, Australia, has unveiled her latest foray into the world of tech-powered art. Lu’s latest project seeks to spread the prevalence of interactive art. She believes that interactivity is the future of all artistic endeavors and will allow people to experience incredible masterpieces in a new way. Lu has worked with QR codes in the past, designing a number of fashion-related sketches that have been used in magazines.

The project will be part of Lu’e Walls 360 company, which specializes in custom wall art. The project relies on the buildAR and Layar Vision platforms, both of which allow for the creation of AR content. Smart phones and other mobile devices can be used to unlock the interactive experiences held within each piece of art. Lu likens the process to the pealing of an onion, revealing deeper layers as you continue.

Interactive technologies have brought new life to the world of art. QR codes have been used at museums to help visitors connect with artists. Augmented reality technology has been growing popular within the artistic community for its interactivity. Ambitious art groups have been using the technology to make what they call “street galleries,” which exhibit their work in virtual reality anywhere they choose.

Lu’s art will have a bevy of AR content, some of which will be hidden, prompting smart phone users to delve deeper into her technologic world to find out more.

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