Augmented reality glasses get new operating system

augmented reality glasses patent (note: these are not real ar)

Note: These are not real augmented reality glassesViking operating system designed for augmented reality glasses

Google is not the only company that is working on augmented reality glasses. Japanese technology firm Brilliant Service has developed an operating system designed specifically for augmented reality glasses. The operating system in called Viking, and Brilliant Service bills it as a potential replacement for smartphones and tablets. Replacing traditional mobile devices will not be an easy feat, as consumers have shown a great deal of favor for these devices. Brilliant Service believes that augmented reality and its capabilities have the capability of making smartphones and tablets a thing of the past.

Operating system aims to replace smartphones

The Viking operating system offers very basic functions in its current form, such as the ability to facilitate phone calls and provide navigation, but does include many of the features that can be found on most smartphones. Brilliant Service intends to open the operating system to developers in the near future so that they can create applications for Viking. These applications would have a focus on augmented reality, as Viking is designed to work with wearable AR systems.

Firm seeks partnerships with augmented reality glasses developers

Brilliant Service is not developing augmented reality glasses itself; rather the operating system that will run glasses developed by another company. The firm is currently looking to partner with companies that are developing their own augmented reality glasses, offering Viking as a way for these companies to establish a distinctive presence from among their competitors. Brilliant Service has been demonstrating the capabilities of the Viking operating system with a makeshift pair of augmented reality glasses.

No time-frame for Viking release set

Viking has only been in development for a month and Brilliant Service has yet to announce a time-frame for when the operating system will be widely available. The firm has not yet confirmed any augmented reality glasses that will make use of the Viking operating system. Several companies developing augmented reality glasses have shown some interest, however, which could bode well for Viking’s future.

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