Augmented reality glasses from Google could be released this year

Augmented Reality glasses

Augmented Reality glassesGoogle’s augmented reality glasses may see 2013 release

Google Glass has been attracting more attention thanks to Google’s latest promotional video for the product. The company’s augmented reality glasses, whose augmented reality capabilities have been suspect in recent months, has again reclaimed a great deal of acclaim thanks to the video, which showed off a new interface that is entirely voice controlled and makes extensive use of augmented reality technology. Now, there are rumors that Google Glass will be available to consumers this year, and that the product will cost less than $1,500.

Glass moving beyond prototype phase

Last year, Google made a prototype of its Glass augmented reality glasses available to a very small market. So called “creative individuals” had the opportunity to purchase Glass in order to test out its capabilities for the price of $1,500. Since being made available to a limited market, Google Glass has been seen in use in New York City, but information concerning some of its capabilities, particularly those concerning augmented reality, remains fairly limited. Last May, Google founder Sergey Brin expressed hopes to release Google Glass at some point in 2013.

Google Glass may be released this year

According to Google Glass product director Steve Lee, the augmented reality glasses are slated for commercial release by the end of 2013. Exact details concerning the launch, however, have yet to be revealed. The initial release of the product is expected to have limited augmented reality capabilities. More advanced versions of Google Glass will expand upon these capabilities and include higher class technology. The initial launch is likely to be designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers in order to ensure sales.

Google reclaims enthusiasm of consumers

Google has been working hard to promote Glass and augmented reality, but the project has seen turbulence with long-time Google fans. When Glass was officially announced at the beginning of 2012, it received high praise due to its use of augmented reality. Shortly after the introduction of Glass, Google suggested that the final product may not actually include the technology that had been displayed at its reveal. This caused many consumers to criticize Google, but the latest version of Glass seems to have rekindled the love consumers had for the project early on.

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