Augmented reality glasses coming from UK’s TTP

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Google augmented reality glasses

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TTP aims to develop augmented reality glasses

The United Kingdom’s TTP, a technology development company, has been working on creating its own augmented reality glasses. The concept of augmented reality glasses has become remarkably popular in the world of technology, with many companies hoping to create such a product themselves. The concept managed to grab the interest of consumers when Google announced Project Glass, an augmented reality glasses project that had once aimed to let people see the world in a new way. Google has since revised its outlook on Project Glass, suggesting that the final product will not actually include augmented reality technology. This has created an opportunity for companies, like TTP, to fill that void.

Augmented reality glasses provide users with new view of the world

TTP has developed a prototype version of its glasses that makes use of small projectors and a camera that is designed to capture what the user sees in the world around them. The projectors, which are embedded in the arms of the glasses, paint digital images onto the lenses of the glasses. These lenses are specially designed to reflect the digital imagery into the wearer’s eye, allowing them to see the digital displays without any trouble. The displays are projected in such a way as to not obstruct a person’s view of the world beyond the glasses.

Augmented reality continues to grow in popularity amongst consumers

Augmented reality glasses are becoming popular because of their capabilities. The glasses can be used to provide consumers with a wide range of information regarding their surroundings, but can also be used to keep them connected to various social networks they enjoy. The possibilities of such a system are limited only by the device’s augmented reality capabilities. TTP has yet to detail the features of its augmented reality glasses as the current prototype serves as a proof-of-concept device.

Google may be unable to deliver augmented reality

Google managed to draw attention to the possibilities of augmented reality glasses, but may not be able to deliver the features it had showcased when announcing Project Glass. Other companies, such as TTP, may be able to provide consumers with glasses that are capable of providing them with augmented reality features. Time will tell, however, as Google remains the only company that seems to be on the brink of a commercial launch for such a product.

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