Augmented reality glasses adds Baidu to the competition

augmented reality

augmented realityThe search engine giant from China has revealed that it is looking to try to rival Google.

The largest search engine service in China has revealed that it is currently testing “Baidu Eye”, its own version of augmented reality glasses, with which it is hoping to compete with Google, one of the current leaders in the industry.

Though the tests are currently being performed, it’s not yet known when this could be commercially available.

The Baidu Eye augmented reality glasses are undergoing tests, but the company hasn’t revealed when, or even if, it intends to add it to the commercial market. It does appear that Baidu is attempting to produce a headset that will offer Google some direct competition. Whether or not that achievement will me made has yet to be determined.

Google Glass has already been making some major augmented reality technology headlines.

That project has seen considerable progress, compared to this relative newcomer to a sector that is rapidly growing in its participants. According to some reports, the Baidu augmented reality device will feature facial recognition technology, bone conducting audio, voice, control, and image search.

According to a report from Reuters, these cutting edge technology augmented reality specs are currently being tested within the company and Baidu has made no mention as to whether or not it will actually be selling the device commercially. The leak of the information surrounding the Chinese company’s technology was initially taken as a joke by many, as it occurred on April Fool’s Day.

However, this augmented reality project’s existence and testing has now been confirmed by a spokesperson from Baidu, a company that has been incorporated since 2000 and holds the same position in the Chinese market as Google in the West. It is the equivalent of Easter Europe’s Yandex. Beyond search, the company also offers internet users 56 other services which range from blog hosting to forum hosting, navigation, translation, news aggregation, and video hosting.

The Android-powered experimental augmented reality glasses from Google – labeled under Project Glass – has caught the attention of the world and it looks as though Baidu has not failed to recognize its potential.

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