Augmented reality gains ground in the auto industry

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

Augmented Reality windshields in carsAugmented reality could be a new feature for future vehicles

Augmented reality is typically seen as an effective marketing or entertainment tool. The technology is able to bring digital content to life, allowing smartphone and tablet users to experience this content wherever they are. In both marketing and entertainment, augmented reality has won acclaim because of its ability to superimpose digital content over the real world environment. This capability of the technology has caught the attention of the auto industry, with many automakers believing that augmented reality could be very useful to drivers.

Harman shows off high-tech windshield

Technology firm Harman has begun showing off its new augmented reality windshields for vehicles. The firm has developed an augmented head’s up display system that provides driver’s with a wealth of information using digital displays. The system provides this information as a projection on the windshield. The projection is designed to not intrude on a driver’s actual view of the road and offers information concerning speed, distance traveled, time of day, and even incorporates a fuel gauge. The system also acts as a dynamic GPS service.

System provides valuable information to drivers

Beyond providing drivers with digital information, Harman’s augmented reality system also facilitates phone calls, service as a hands-free calling system that allows drivers to stay in contact with their friends and family. The system also highlights potential threats for the driver using digital displays designed to grab attention. Harman believes that such a feature could help drivers avoid potential accidents by following the information they are provided through the augmented reality system.

Auto industry shows interest in augmented reality

Several automakers have shown a strong interest in augmented reality. Toyota has plans to incorporate the technology into future vehicles, but much of the automaker’s efforts will be focused on using the technology for entertainment purposes. Honda has also expressed enthusiasm concerning augmented reality and its possible uses as a navigational tool. Many automakers suggest that the technology could be a viable way to provide driver’s with vital information without forcing them to take their eyes off the road.

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