Augmented reality gaining more notice as an educational tool

Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

Society becoming more attuned to technology

Given established and emerging trends around the world, it is becoming more apparent that society is growing more attuned to technology. Newer generations are coming into the world already immersed with various forms of technology, all of which are vying for their attention. As technology becomes more enthralling, the concept of education is changing. Many educators believe that by adopting technology they can provide students with a more fulfilling learning experience. As such, many have begun making use of augmented reality, which is quickly becoming a leader in the world of interactive technology.

LINE develops new augmented reality learning program

LINE Communications, a leading provider of educational materials and services for the defense sector, has developed a new mobile learning system that incorporates augmented reality. The company will be attending this year’s ITEC Defense Exhibition and Conference in London, UK, after experiencing a steep jump in demand for its services after the company’s appearance at last year’s event. Last year, LINE unveiled its mobile learning programs for the iPad, which were well received by the defense community.

Program uses goggles to simulate real world experiences

LINE’s new learning program is designed for the iPad, much like its predecessor, but this time makes use of augmented reality technology. The program includes a pair of goggles, which will be used for training procedures. The goggles are the component through which those using the program will experience augmented reality training courses. LINE believes that the technology will be a more effective way of training defense personnel because it will give them the ability of experiencing real world situations without having to go to extremes.

Augmented reality sending ripples throughout the education industry

Mobile learning technology has been getting a great deal of attention throughout the education sector, with many companies and organizations examining technologies like augmented reality to see their benefits. Some schools have adopted augmented reality as a way to teach young students a variety of lessons, while companies like LINE are using the technology to train a new generation of professionals. Whatever the use of the technology, it appears that augmented reality is becoming more than just an entertainment tool.

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