Augmented reality expanding into new industries



New study examines the various prospects of augmented reality, a provider of market research reports covering numerous industries, has announced a new study to its offering concerning augmented reality. The study, called Wearable Augmented Reality: Google Glasses and Beyond, examines the growing role augmented reality is beginning to play in various industries. The technology has been growing quite popular recently due to the attention Google’s Project Glass has brought to it. Google is not the only company interested in making use of the technology, however.

Study examines prospects of wearable and handheld devices

The study examines the various prospects of wearable devices that make use of augmented reality and compare these prospects to handheld devices that use the technology. Handheld devices are currently the leading platform for augmented reality due to the lack of wearable devices in the market. Google, as well as others, will change this when it releases its augmented reality glasses at some point in the future. The study suggests that the prospects of wearable devices may be on even ground with those seen in handheld devices, once these products are introduced to the market and are allowed to mature.

Cloud computing and augmented reality may be a powerful combination

Augmented reality in mobile devices is not the only aspect examined by the study. The study also touches upon the use of augmented reality in cloud computing. Cloud computing continues to gain traction in the technology world because of the benefits it brings to businesses. Augmented reality is expected to enhance these benefits by providing more interactivity and creating more intuitive systems that can be used within a cloud network.

Study shows military groups beginning to grow interested in augmented reality

Augmented reality is quickly beginning to expand into industries beyond marketing and entertainment. As it does, the technology is expected to have a profound impact on the industries in which is it being used. The study suggests that, in most cases, this impact will be positive. According to the study, augmented reality is not only an interest to technology companies, but has also garnered the attention of various military organizations

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