Augmented reality device could be coming up at Apple

apple iphone unlocking iOS 8 augmented reality

According to an analyst, the iPhone maker could be looking into a project somewhat like Google Glass.

Gene Munster, an analyst from Piper Jaffray, has stated that Apple could be looking for a way to step into the world of augmented reality, and this could one day be arriving in the form of a headset device somewhat like Google Glass, but that would move above and beyond that particular project.

Munster shared this opinion in an investor note that was recently released in which he cited industry contacts.

Those contacts claimed to Munster that Apple currently has a small team that is looking into the possibilities for augmented reality. He stated that he feels that AR tech “has the potential to be as profound a technology platform as the smartphone today.” He also explained that he feels that Apple has the capability for developing a product that would actually be appealing to consumers, unlike many of the prototype devices that have been developed up until this point by other companies.

So far, the most widespread example of an augmented reality device came in the form of Google Glass.

apple iOS 8 augmented realityThere have been a number of different headsets that have been created by several different manufacturers, including, and a number of others are expected to be released this year. They include the HoloLens from Microsoft, as well as the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition from Sony. However, it is expected that even if these AR devices are impressive – and they are expected to be – they could still face considerable barriers to adoption by consumers.

This problem has already been faced by brands that have already tested their AR glasses in the real market, as users are adverse to wearing chunky, awkward, or nerdy looking headsets. Even the most famous of this type of gadget, Google Glass, was put on the back burner in January as its creator said that this device, which cost its owners $1,500 each, was still years away from being ready for the mass market. While Google has stated that it wasn’t giving up on the product, as a whole, it is clear that they feel it has a long way to go.

Now, the question is whether or not Apple will be able to be successful in augmented reality, when Google didn’t manage to convince consumers.

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