Augmented reality could be the savior of print

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augmented reality book coverAugmented reality may be what the print industry needs to attract consumers

The print industry continues to look for ways to capture the attention of a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. The advent of mobile technology has lead to a decline in print, with many publications struggling to establish some relevance to consumers that have become enthralled with their smartphones and tablets. Interactive technology may be the key to catching the attention of consumers, and augmented reality has begun to emerge as a favorite for the print industry.

Layar and Catchoom create powerful platform for companies

Layar is quickly becoming one of the most widely used augmented reality tools in the print industry. This is partly because the platform allows for the creation of highly interactive digital experiences that many consumers have enjoyed in the past. Another reason Layar has been attracting so much support is because of its use of image recognition technology from Catchoom. The company is a leading developer of image recognition technology and has helped Layar generate a great deal of momentum in the realm of augmented reality.

Cloud-based image recognition incorporated into Layar

Catchoom’s technology is entirely based on cloud networking. The company’s cloud computing servers contain a vast array of image data, which can be accessed by the Layar platform to initiate augmented reality experiences. This allows Layar to initiate digital content without having to rely on markers like QR codes. Layar boasts of more than 2 million active users every month, many of whom activate augmented reality experiences through magazines and newspapers. These publications have seen a marked increase in consumer activity since they began using Layar.

Layar helps print remain relevant

Augmented reality may be the tool that the print industry needs to compete with digital publications. While many in the print industry have opted to produce digital publications, actual print continues to be a major focus for several news and entertainment organizations. Cloud-based image recognition has helped provide these publications with the technological savvy they need to engage a new generation of consumers that have been steeped in mobile technology.

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