Augmented reality brings the Civil War to life

Antietam Battlefield Bloody Lane

Antietam Battlefield Bloody Lane offers new app that lets people experience the Civil War like never before, an online platform that allows users find and create interactive tours in their area, has announced the offering of the world’s first augmented reality tour of the Antietam Battlefield, where one of the most violent battles in the U.S. Civil War was fought. The tour can be accessed through a mobile application developed by TravelBrains, a publisher of audio tours concerning Civil War battlefields. The application is available for iOS mobile devices and will allow users to experience the history of the Antietam Battlefield in a way they never could have before.

Augmented reality continues to gain momentum in tourism and mobile sectors

Paul Davis, CEO of TravelBrains, notes that a growing number of people are relying on mobile applications to provide them with an engaging experience. Indeed, applications focused on tourism are becoming more commonplace and are providing travelers with the ability to navigate unfamiliar territory and find pertinent information in an efficient manner. Augmented reality has been gaining traction in this sector because of its abilities to bring dynamic content to consumers.

Antietam Battlefield brought to life with augmented reality

The Antietam Battlefield Tour application provides users with video and audio content that allows them to explore the history of the location. The content is triggered by GPS and new content is displayed as tourists make their way along the 13-stop tour. Tourists will be able to listen to the stories of the men and women that were part of the battle and see visual depictions of the battle’s defining moments.

Application may be the first of many more from TravelBrains

Augmented reality has gained acclaim for its ability to engage an audience. Though the Antietam Battlefield Tour is the first of its kind to make use of augmented reality, TravelBrains suggests that it may not be the last. Augmented reality may be an adequate way to give people a glimpse into the history of a country and may even be able to keep people interested in that history after they leave sites like the Antietam Battlefield.

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