Augmented reality billboard launched by Niagara Falls attraction

Yonge Dundas Square Augmented Reality Billboard

The advertisement has been placed at a high traffic square in downtown Toronto, Canada.

A new interactive billboard has been placed at the heavily trafficked Yonge and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto, Canada, which utilizes augmented reality technology and that is designed to make a splash for Fallsview Casino which is located in Niagara Falls.

The billboard was unveiled on June 2 and has been attracting attention right from the start.

The unveiling of the augmented reality billboard occurred on Sunday, June 2 and had crowds from the street looking up and using their smartphones and tablets to help to view the additional high tech features that it had to offer. This is a unique launch for both the company and for the location in the busy Canadian metropolis.

Yonge Dundas Square Augmented Reality BillboardThe use of augmented reality was chosen to build a greater connection with the people in the district.

According to the Fallsview Casino vice president of Marketing, Cathy Price, “We’re proud to launch this innovative idea that reflects the personality of our company; energetic, entertaining and distinct.” She went on to say that “We’re always looking at memorable ways to connect and add value for new and familiar consumers.”


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The company, which markets itself as being an exciting an entertaining destination in Niagara Falls, Canada, has chosen augmented reality as an element of its effort to step beyond more traditional advertising methods so that they will be able to more effectively engage audiences. They are hoping that this new ad will be considered to be fun, and will fit well with an entire campaign designed around that theme.

This particular “fun” advertising campaign, which includes the augmented reality element, was designed in partnership with Blammo Worldwide, a Toronto firm. It strives to leverage the latest innovations of mobile technology and apply augmented reality in a playful way for a unique visual experience.

In order to view the augmented reality features of the billboard, passersby were encouraged to download the free FUNSQUARE app for Android or Apple smartphones and tablets. Once the app was loaded, it could be pointed at the billboard in order to view a number of 10 second AR tech based animations.

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