Augmented reality becoming more meaningful, study shows

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mobile commerce

Augmented reality beginning to break away from novelty

Augmented reality may be a promising and innovative technology, but it has long been confined to the world of gimmickry in terms of mobile applications. Today, the technology is most often used to provide mobile users with various kinds of novelty experiences. As such, augmented reality has found itself in a difficult position, as its practical uses remain largely undiscovered. Nonetheless, consumers are expected to soon be exposed to the practical uses of augmented reality in the near future, according to a new study from ABI Research.

Study suggests that practical augmented reality will become more prominent in the near future

The study predicts that consumers will start being exposed to a new wave of meaningful augmented reality applications in the coming years. These applications will not be exclusive to smart phones, however, as they will come installed on wearable augmented reality systems, such as glasses. The study suggests that the sectors that will see a massive influx of attention from augmented reality will be interactive print, mobile shopping, and education.

Wearable augmented reality systems may be more inline with the wants of consumers

ABI Research expects that wearable AR systems will be the future of the technology. These systems may be more intuitive and accommodating of the needs of consumers. Company’s like Google and Vuforia have been hard at work developing AR glasses that are expected to change the way users see and interact with the world and could see significant rewards as the result as augmented reality continues to evolve. ABI Research notes that the presence of large companies like Google and Vuforia in the market has encouraged augmented reality developers such as Metaio and Aurasma to push the boundaries of the technology, creating more innovative products.

Technological advances expected to benefit augmented reality

There are several factors that are expected to contribute to the growing popularity of augmented reality. The study indicates that HTML5 and voice recognition technology are to have a powerful influence on what augmented reality is capable of. As these technologies continue to mature, augmented reality is expected to benefit from the advances being made in other sectors.

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