Augmented reality applications continue to grow in popularity

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Augmented Reality

New report paints promising future for augmented reality applications

Mobile augmented reality applications are becoming more common, powered by the demand coming from consumers. Many have become enamored with augmented reality applications as they provide a more interactive experience for their particular purpose. Augmented reality is often considered a powerful entertainment tool, and for good reason. The technology is capable of transforming a routine activity into one that is more engaging through the use of digital content. A new report from Juniper Research suggests that augmented reality applications are poised to take off in the near future.

More than 2.5 billion apps to be downloaded by 2017

According to the report, titles “Mobile Augmented Reality,” augmented reality applications could reach 2.5 billion downloads by 2017.Currently many consumers are interested in the technology but not entirely certain as to its capabilities. Others simply do not know what the technology is. As awareness of augmented reality grows, consumers are becoming more interested in applications that make use of it. There are several augmented reality applications available for various platforms, but the prevalence of these apps is expected to skyrocket as more consumers become interested in the technology.

Awareness key to success with augmented reality applications

Augmented reality is most often used in the fields of entertainment and marketing, but has recently broken into other sectors. Awareness of the capabilities of the technology and its existence is considered the most important step in application reaching their key demographic. Juniper suggests that companies should invest more effort in familiarizing consumers with augmented reality applications. Doing so, the companies that make use of the technology may see greater degrees of success.

Variety of applications make use of interactive technology

Augmented reality applications come in a variety of forms. The most popular of these is GPS navigation applications. These apps provide users with directions, which can be followed through digital displays. The game industry has also shown interest in augmented reality, with mobile developers creating simple games that make use of the technology.

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