Augmented reality application from NASA allows consumers to explore space

Augmented reality- NASA Spacecraft 3D

NASA takes a step into the mobile applications arena

NASA may no longer be conducting missions into the far-reaches of space, but that does not mean that the agency has abandoned its exploration roots. The agency is still immersed in everything that has to do with space and is keen to help others experience the starts as it has in the past. NASA has developed a new augmented reality application that will give users and understanding of how its space-faring robotic spacecraft work.

Spacecraft 3D augmented reality application will give users experience with NASA’s spacecraft

The application, called Spacecraft 3D, is designed for the iOS platform and is available for free. Using the augmented reality application, those with iPhones or iPads will be able to experience how NASA’s spacecraft maneuver in a zero-gravity environment. Users will be able to manipulate the various aspects and features of the spacecraft and conduct their own space missions that are based on missions that NASA itself had conducted in the past.

Augmented reality continues to prove itself to be a powerful interactive tool

Augmented reality was chosen for the application because of the technology’s inherent interactivity. NASA is well aware that space has long been a subject of interest for people all over the world. The agency believes that the augmented reality application will give these curious people and understanding of what flying around in space is really like. Currently, the spacecraft represented in the augmented reality application are based on those that are used in the real world. NASA has plans to include other operational spacecraft in the future, such as Cassini, which is currently orbiting Saturn.

Agency may expand its use of augmented reality in the future

Augmented reality is becoming a popular concept in the mobile industry. NASA’s augmented reality application is among the first of its kind and the agency has already expressed a great deal of interest in expanding its use of the technology in the future.

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