Augmented reality and social media begin to blend

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augmented reality and social media

Augmented reality may be what social media needs

Social media has become an essential component of nearly every major brand in the world. Businesses rely heavily on social media as a way to engage consumers that are constantly connected to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest. Many consumers have been hooked on social media sites for several years and are beginning to itch for new experiences. As such, the demand for heightened interactivity between consumers and brands is growing, especially as a new generation of tech-savvy individuals begins to saturate international markets. The answer to this demand may be augmented reality.

Shift Interactive shows off the capabilities of augmented reality

Shift Interactive, an integrated communications agency, has been working in the field of interactive communication for years. The agency tracks how brands engage consumers and has seen that events have a powerful impact on the growth of a consumer base. The company recently showed that high-profile events could lead to mass exposure for a brand by using augmented reality at the Youth View Awards in Jamaica. The technology allowed those attending the event or keeping track of it to gain access to exclusive videos and photos through their smart phones.

King of Pop campaign from Pepsi brings Michael Jackson to virtual life

Recently, Shift Interactive made use of augmented reality at Pepsi’s Sumfest event, which is a major part of the company’s King of Pop marketing campaign. Using augmented reality, Shift was able to allow consumers to dance on stage with a digital representation of Michael Jackson. Shift Interactive teamed with augmented reality developer Total Immersion to make the feature possible. Consumers responded well and were able to share their experiences at the event on their favored social media sites.

Social media may benefit from the incorporation of augmented reality

Augmented reality and social media may go well together, but the combination of the two has never been extensively tested. Companies like Shift Interactive believe that augmented reality could help brands reach out to more consumers. These consumers have already shown a high degree of interest in augmented reality and have participated in marketing campaigns that have made use of the technology in the past.

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