Audi customers can use mobile banner ads to make car payments

Audi augmented reality - Mobile Website

Audi Mobile Website
Audi automobile manufacturer has announced that it is using mobile technology to allow current vehicle owners to pay their bills by using banner ads that have been integrated into their mobile website.

Mobile ads for Audi’s brand new A6 model have been incorporating video, location, and other features about the car that are highly interactive. In order to produce these ads, Audi partnered with the AKQA marketing agency for the complete campaign.

According to the AKQA account director for mobile, Tina Unterlaender, “This particular group the campaign is targeting accesses the mobile Web regularly.”

As users scroll their way down the mobile website, the ad for Audi remains in place so that it is always visible. When the ad is clicked, it brings the consumer to a mobile landing page which is comprised of a smaller version of the manufacturer’s mobile website. It also provides consumers with the opportunities to watch a video of a TV ad that provides more information about the Audi A6.

There are five primary parts to the mobile landing page: the homepage, the dealers, the vehicle models, the owners’ section, and an element that provides more information. Though the primary focus is on the A6 model, the other vehicles produced by the manufacturer are also included.

All customers need to do is tap on the various cars in the lineup so that they can discover more about the various models, including their overview information and their features. They can also view the galleries of the cars in order to view additional photos of the different models.

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