Asia-Pacific mobile advertising trends point to banner ads the most

mobile advertising trends in the United States smartphone

That said, ad blocking is also becoming an increasingly common practice so care is needed.

Mobile advertising trends are still showing that banner ads are by far the most frequently used method, but have they outlived their time? In the Asia-Pacific region, research is showing that while banners may represent over three quarters of mobile ads device users may not even be seeing them.

Ad blockers are letting smartphone users skip over a lot of the advertising that would otherwise be displayed.

The effectiveness of mobile advertising trends using banner ads has also been called into question. Device users have become rather immune to this particular type of display advertising. Research conducted by WPP agency Light Reaction and Bethesda, Md., lab Spark Experience indicated that pretty much all forms of display ads, including banners, are routinely skipped over by mobile device users who barely glance at them enough to simply clear them out of the way.

The Vpon mobile analytics company recently conducted another study looking into the most popular forms of mobile marketing.

Mobile advertising trends are heavily weighted toward banners, which account for 77 percent of ads.

mobile advertising trends in the United States smartphoneThe Vpon research indicated that 77 percent of Asia Pacific mobile ads are banners. The next most common were native ads, which made up only 11 percent. Close behind were interstitials, at 10 percent and then video ads at only 2 percent of the total for the last half of 2016 on Vpon’s network.

It is now up to mobile marketers to take this data and use it to their advantage. Should they choose not to do anything with this type of insight, it may not be good news for their ROI for their marketing strategies, particularly if banners and display ads are among their top ad formats.

According to eMarketer data, mobile advertising will comprise about 64.2 percent of the total Asia-Pacific digital ad spend for 2017. This equates to around $55.7 billion. That is hardly pocket change, particularly if it is being spent on mobile ads that consumers aren’t even seeing.

It will be up to marketers to come up with a strategy to overcome the mobile advertising trends associated with the use of mobile ad blocking, which PageFair predicts is used by 94 percent of device users in that region.

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