Artificial intelligence scientists leave Google to launch their own startup

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The startup is called Holistic upon its creation and could focus on developing a new AI model.

Two artificial intelligence scientists from DeepMind, Google’s AI subsidiary are reportedly in talks with investors to launch their own AI startup in Paris.

According to Bloomberg News, Karl Tuyls and Laurent Sifre are considering the startup over Google.

The two artificial intelligence scientists had already announced that they would be leaving DeepMind by the time this article was written. They are in negotiations in a financing round for a startup that could bring in over €200 million ($217.84 million).

Artificial intelligence - Financing

The startup is reportedly called Holistic, and it has a focus on the development of a new AI model.

DeepMind was acquired about ten years ago by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. It recently launched its own AI products to compete with some of the largest AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, which is backed by Microsoft.

As the artificial intelligence scientists leave, Google is continuing to lay off thousands of its employees.

Starting early last year, Google has been going through with massive layoffs, which have come to about 12,000 so far. That said, it appears that the layoffs aren’t finished for the technology giant. It is reportedly preparing to make massive cuts to its ad sales division as a component of a broader restructuring strategy meant to improve the company’s efficiency by using AI.

Customer care services and ad sales teams will be most impacted by the restructuring at Google, as the company looks into how it can use AI to replace humans and boost efficiency. Employees impacted by this move will be notified and will be provided with opportunities to apply for other Google positions currently open.

CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged the current difficult times, underscoring that the actions being taken are to prevent future outcomes from being even worse.

Karl Tuyls and Laurent Sifre were not the first artificial intelligence scientists to jump ship with employment at another company in mind. A company based in Paris, France called Mistral AI was co-founded by a former researcher from DeepMind and announced a second funding round that successfully brought in €385 million in only seven months.

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