Google and OpenAI both announce artificial intelligence delays

Artificial intelligence Tech Delayed

The companies that had been pushing forward as fast as they could are slowing things down.

Google first unveiled its Gemini AI project at I/O 2023, intending the technology to be an artificial intelligence rival to GPT-4 from OpenAI.

Google has now canceled the launch events for Gemini AI scheduled for this month.

Beyond the cancellation of the launch events, Google has delayed the launch of the artificial intelligence competitor to GPT-4 in January 2024. At I/O 2023, the company called Gemini a foundational model that had “impressive multimodal capabilities,” even in very early days of its training.

Artificial intelligence Event Cancelled

Though the company original intended to launch it before the close of this year, right in the middle of the holiday season – something not officially announced, but that was widely publicized by the media – rumors now suggest that Gemini has been struggling with non-English queries, leading to the delay in its release.

Gemini is being developed to manage a spectrum of types of application, bringing together several forms of data such as text and data in order to accomplish tasks of greater complexity. Last May, Google said that “Once fine-tuned and rigorously tested for safety, Gemini will be available at various sizes and capabilities.”

Gemini is expected to improve the existing artificial intelligence such as Bard, Search, and Google Assistant.

That said, when taking into account OpenAI’s existing dominance in AI and the importance of getting this launch right, Google seems to be attempting to control its urge to rush to release the product to the public.

That said, Google isn’t the only company announcing delays in AI. OpenAI has also announced that its GPT Store’s launch will be delayed until 2024. This announcement followed the firing and hiring of its CEO, leaving the company “unexpectedly busy”.

The artificial intelligence company is now hoping that its GPT Store will open early next year. The store was first announced in early November at the company’s first developer conference, where the GPT Builder tool was unveiled. The store was meant to allow users to list their own GPTs so they could potentially monetize them. The store’s launch was supposed to be in November, but the leadership shakeup led to substantial delays.

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