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Free iphone App for Art


Free iphone App for Art

A new group of volunteers calling themselves the Pervasive Bordeaux have begun using QR codes recently. Pervasive Bordeaux aims to bring entertaining cultural experiences to more people and believe that using the codes will accomplish this goal. The group has recreated some of the most famous paintings from the Italian Renaissance and has been working with Italian restaurants to supply them with table cards attributed with QR codes. When scanned, the codes bring diners to a mobile site where they can see the paintings.

Commentary on art pieces is offered through the mobile site set up by Pervasive Bordeaux. Diners will be able to access more content as well. Videos depicting the digital recreation of the pieces are available for those curious of the process. Diners will also be able to leave their own comments and share the site on their Facebook or Twitter.

The art world is developing a powerfully symbiotic relationship with mobile technology. QR codes in particular are being used in museums as a new way to connect artists with their fans. The work of famous painters like Van Gough and Picasso are being linked to the codes as a new way to attract an audience. Pervasive Bordeaux believes that art is best enjoyed through the dining experience.

Many tech-savvy restaurants are beginning to incorporate the codes as well, hoping to increase their diner’s enjoyment.

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