Are QR Codes just some passing fad?

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Are QR Codes a Passing Fad?

Remember how you just had to have those gauchos or those bell-bottomed Dittos or any other craze that has come and gone. Well, many are wondering if the codes are just a fad or maybe people in the U.S. just won’t get into it. So lets ask this…how many times are you seeing the black and white codes now a days?

If you want your consumers to effectively interact with your brand without spending more why not settle for barcode technology. Today, mobile tagging has become a very common form of technology and many retailers are finding ways to take advertising to the next level.

Supermarkets and department stores have reached to the point that they place 2D barcodes on their televisions as well as press ads in order to allow customers to scan the codes and then access recipes. There are even publishers who are using a similar technology to present offline media such as outdoor advertisement campaigns into the web.

The question is…are 2D barcodes valuable to consumers or are these just fads in the world of marketing accessories? According to comScore, the penetrations of smartphones have increasingly influenced the way individuals connect with advertisements thus opening up more business opportunities.

Regardless of these mobile advancement, there are still quite a number of marketers who are not using such technology to the highest extent. Apart from making mobile websites, most businesses draw customers to their basic websites which is a total waste of time according to Howard Furr-Burton who is an independent mobile consultant.

A drawback of 2D barcodes includes lack of explanation from brands about using such technology including the fact that consumers need to download an application to read the tags. Generally, the key thing is that advertisers should take full advantage of this technique of driving traffic to their products, special content and offers.

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