Apriva launches wallet for mobile device users

Apriva Wallet

Apriva Wallet
Apriva, a wireless payment company, has just announced that it is now providing its own mobile commerce platform to merchants who wish to take advantage of the nationwide merchant acquirer network (which consists, mainly, of banks), independent sales organizations, and additional channel partners, that the company maintains.

This new service is being called the Apriva Wallet, as it gives consumers the ability to pay for purchases using their iPhone and Android-based smartphones. They have also announced that there is currently a version for Windows Mobile in development.

According to Apriva, the excitement over this service is building from the fact that it can interoperate with any wireless carrier, financial institution, or payment processor. Furthermore, the company stated that it functions very well with the new EMV standards, as well as with NFC technology. It can also work with the conventional magnetic stripe payment technologies that are already being used in most point-of-sale counters, meaning that physical changes will not be required by the merchants.

The Apriva Wallet can be downloaded by mobile device users at any of the participating merchants simply by giving their mobile phone number when they are at the checkout counter. The platform itself can be downloaded from app stores.

The new service is built on a foundation of the security protocol from AprivaTalk, which is said to provide protection beyond those required by regulatory mandates, so that consumers, merchants, and financial institutions have greater fraud security. Furthermore , there is an instant digital receipt delivered to both the merchant and the consumer each time a purchase is made.

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