Apple wins patent for iTravel application

Apple maps mobile payments

Apple-itravel app

Apple continues to obtain patents for its iOS 6 platform

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a series of 23 patents that have been officially granted to technology giant Apple. One of the awarded patents is generating some buzz in the technology world due to its potential connection with the recently announced Passbook feature. Passbook is a feature that will be included in the upcoming release of the iOS 6 platform. This feature is expected to support a number of the operating system’s functions, especially those concerning the use of NFC technology.

iPhone 5 to host a number of NFC-based services

Last month, Apple released prototype versions of its highly anticipated iPhone 5 mobile device. The device was found to be equipped with and NFC antenna and chip that would allow it to transmit digital information wirelessly. Given Apple’s apparent interest in mobile commerce, the inclusion of NFC technology into the iPhone 5 generated a great deal of buzz in the technology community. Passbook was also found to support various NFC-based features, some of which pertain to Apple’s mobile payment platform, the iWallet.

iTravel to use NFC technology to transmit information

One of the patents granted by the Patent and Trademark Office concerning an application and service called iTravel. The application is a transportation check-in service that is designed to store ticketing and identification information. Once stored on the mobile device, this information can be accessed through the use of NFC technology. This could make ticketing more convenient for those that travel often as it will remove the need for physical forms of identification and printed tickets.

Apple shows aggression with NFC technology

Though Apple has opted to take a slow approach to its entry into the field of mobile commerce, the company is showing more aggression in its use of NFC technology. Apple is expected to continue broadening its portfolio of NFC-based services as the release of the anticipated iPhone 5 draws closer.

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