Apple Wallet can now add PayPal and Venmo Cards

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PayPal has announced that it is allowing its customers to add its cards to the mobile wallet app.

In what is likely a strong reflection of how popular mobile payments have become, PayPal has now announced that it will let its customers add their PayPal or Venmo credit and debit cards to their Apple Wallet.

This makes it possible for the mobile payment app users to collect cashback and rewards.

Using Apple Wallet, PayPal and Venmo card users will be able to accumulate cashback and rewards when they make purchases.

Apple Wallet - PayPal logo on credit card - Person with phone

Many are applauding PayPal’s choice to make it possible to integrate its cards into the iPhone maker’s mobile payments app. This is especially true as PayPal has been working to broaden its reach in addition to drawing new consumers, such as iPhone owners.

Worldwide, mobile payments have been taking off explosively. Though this trend has been notably slower in the United States, it has finally started a sharp rise here as well. Now, by letting its users choose to tap a smartphone or smartwatch instead of using a plastic credit or debit card, PayPal is providing its customers with an option a growing number of them want to use.

Apple Wallet and rival apps have become notably more popular and are already broadly accepted.

Though there has been growth in the use of this type of technology in recent years, it is within the past year that many consumers have reported using a near field communication (NFC) mobile payment app for the first time or most frequently, according to Javelin Strategy & research Director of Debit Elisa Tavilla.

On the whole, mobile debit payments have taken off the most sharply both within the United States and in other markets worldwide. Almost 80 percent of debit card issuers in the US have reported experiencing a notable rise in consumers adding them to fund mobile wallets and for use in contactless transactions. This sharp trend was also recently reported in Canada and the United Kingdom.

The iPhone maker recently announced that it was testing a new feature for its Apple Wallet that would allow open banking on the United Kingdom. This would make it possible for Apple Pay users to view their account balance and financial activity statements in real-time.

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