Apple had plans for an augmented reality device, says ex-executive

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Apple put plans for an augmented reality device to rest

Apple has been making headlines lately after revealing its highly anticipated iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but the company has been attracting some unintended attention for its work on developing a head-mounted augmented reality system. Apple currently has no plans for such a system, but according to ex-Apple executive Tony Fadell, Apple had been working on an augmented reality system that could have been a rival to Google Glass at some point in the future.

Wearable AR device could have rivaled Google Glass

Apple does have some interest in augmented reality. The company believes that the technology can help provide consumers with access to dynamic and engaging content. Apple has yet to enter into the augmented reality technology field in an aggressive fashion, preferring instead to show support for the sector in an auxiliary capacity. This was not always the case, however, as the company had been involved in developing its own wearable augmented reality device.

apple augmented realityAR device dropped by Apple

According to Fadell, Apple had been experimenting with various renditions of old camera technology and remote controls to find ways to put augmented reality to good use. While these experimentations never yielded any standalone products, they could have provided Apple with valuable insight that has helped in the development of the iPhone’s video capture system and the Apple TV. Overall, however, Apple considered the development of a standalone augmented reality device to be a waste of resources.

Tech sector continues showing favor for augmented reality

Augmented reality has become quite popular in the technology sector with consumers and businesses alike. The technology is often put to use in marketing and entertainment, but it has also been seeing some practical uses in recent years, especially where educations and health care are involved. Google is often considered the leader in the field with its ambitious Glass project, but the company is not the only one working to develop an augmented reality device for consumers.

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