Apple patent outlines possible future for mobile payments participation

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

Patent could hint at mobile payments future for iPhone 5S

There have been many speculations concerning the next iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone, the iPhone 5S. Much of this speculation has revolved around Apple’s recent acquisition of AuthenTec, a developer of security technology, and the use of fingerprint sensors in the new smartphone and what it could mean for Apple’s mobile payments plans. A new patent filing has been discovered in Europe through the World Intellectual Property Organization that has shed some light on what the future of the iPhone 5S, or the iPhone 6, may actually be.

Patent outlines fingerprint sensor and use of NFC technology

According to the patent, Apple is, indeed, working on a fingerprint sensor for the iPhone. Contrary to recent rumors, however, this technology is not being developed by AuthenTec. Moreover, the patent suggests that the fingerprint sensor technology that Apple is working on will involve NFC technology in some way. While the technology is popular in the mobile payments space, NFC is not restricted to mobile payments alone as it can be used for various purposes, such as data transfer.

iphone mobile payments NFC technologyNew technology could make iPhone more secure

The patent suggests that the sensor will take the form of the iPhone’s home button. The patent does note that such sensors could be placed in other areas of the mobile device as well. The fingerprint sensor could help address many security concerns that have emerged in the mobile sector, especially when it comes to the theft of smartphones. The technology could also make Apple more comfortable with the concept of mobile payments.

Relieved security concerns could open the way for mobile payments

Mobile payments has been a subject of interest for Apple for some time, but the company has been slow to enter into the sector due to security and technology concerns. In the past, Apple has been critical of NFC technology, claiming that it was not secure or effective enough to handle the company’s mobile payments intentions. Now, however, Apple may be able to enter into the field with the help of its new fingerprint technology.

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