Apple mobile ad outtakes with Cookie Monster bring big laughs

cookie monster mobile ad

Though the Sesame Street Muppet wasn’t exactly calm in the commercial, the bloopers were even more dramatic.

Back in March, Apple released its mobile ad commercial for the iPhone 6 which starred the popular Cookie Monster from Sesame Street which went viral across several social media platforms.

The tech giant has since released the outtakes for that commercial and they’ve been amusing and enchanting.

Cookie Monster has a special way of tapping into the nostalgia of consumers and despite the impatience he showed during the initial mobile ad, the bloopers for the commercial revealed that the official version was tame compared to what had been going on behind the scenes. It has now been revealed that the fuzzy blue monster brought a lot of fun – and his typical disruption level – to the set of the commercial shoot.

The behind the scenes outtakes footage for the mobile ad showed Cookie Monster being his lovable self.

The blue, furry monster Muppet was filmed as he stared fixedly at his iPhone screen while Siri gave him a countdown as a baking timer for his cookies to be ready. Once the timer went off, Cookie Monster exploded into a wild frenzy and jammed the freshly baked cookies into his open mouth.

That said, it doesn’t stop with the usual cookie-based frenzies. He also shows that he has a great sense of humor. In a scene when he was getting comfortable in bed after having gone through a long day of backing, he smacked his lips and said in his gravelly voice “Me wish me could close me eyes.” He was, of course, making reference to the fact that his ping pong ball-like googly eyes are not equipped with lids and are permanently wide open.

As always seems to be the case with Cookie Monster, this latest release of his mobile ad video has managed to capture the hearts of social media viewers who are using it to share a laugh with their friends. Despite the fact that his antics are always pretty much the same as they’ve been from the start, each time he is viewed, consumers seem to find him all the more adorable.

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