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According to Strategy Analytics, while Apple continues to hold 58 percent of the market, Android, the operating system by Google, has moved in significantly on territory formerly held by iOS, and now has a global share of 39 percent.

An important part of this movement has been credited to tablets, as Google tablets took an additional 10 percent of the market between the last quarters of 2010 and 2011, while Apple’s hold on that market fell by a smaller amount.

Some of Google’s ability to take a larger chunk out of the market is because of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has an Android foundation to its operating system, even though it doesn’t seem anything like the traditional Android experience.

Apple execs haven’t expressed any worry about these new statistics, as 2011’s last quarter still let them ship 15.4 million iPads, which was up by 8.1 million over the same time the year before.

Another report, performed by Walker Sands Communications, has shown that over 1 in ten (12 percent) website visits occur are performed on a mobile device. That same report showed that in 2011, mobile traffic increased by 102 percent when compared to the same time in 2010.

It stated that there was a decrease in the iPhone’s market share by 17 percent, and an increase of Android’s share of the market by 19 percent. This was a notable difference over the Strategy Analytics findings, but what the two studies do have in common is that they showed movement in market share for iOS and Android in the same directions and by notable amounts.

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