Apple files patent for head-mounted augmented reality system

Apple Patent

Apple Patent

Apple begins to show revitalized interest in augmented reality

As one of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies, Apple is often on the cutting edge of gadgetry and the application of interactive technologies. The company has adopted a keen interest in NFC technology, which will be used in the company’s upcoming iPhone 5. NFC is not the only interactive technology that Apple is interested in, however, as it has begun showing more favor for augmented reality. The company seems to be reviving its augmented reality initiatives, many of which went dormant in 2006.

Patent details a head-mounted augmented reality system

According to a patent application filed by Apple, discovered by Patently Apple, the company is currently developing a head-mounted augmented reality system. The system is loosely based on a pair of video glasses that Apple won a patent for in early 2006. The head-mounted system takes the form of a helmet equipped with a small computer system and lens that will serve as a display for augmented reality content. The system is designed to provide retina display quality images to users without obstructing their vision.

Application may serve as foreshadowing for future Apple products

The application may be a precursor to future Apple initiatives that aim to make use of augmented reality. If the company decides to officially enter the competitive arena of head-mounted augmented reality products, it will have to compete against Google and other technology companies currently developing augmented reality eyewear. These products, Google’s Project Glass in particular, have already proven popular with consumers who are keen to own the latest in high-tech gadgetry.

Patent application does not set in stone Apple’s plans for augmented reality

Though Apple’s patent application details a helmet-like system, this may not be representative of a final product. Rather, the application could serve as a means to ensure that Apple’s design and use of augmented reality technology are secure. The patent does not represent the company’s commitment to produce or commercialize a head-mounted augmented reality system.

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