Apple embraces QR codes over NFC

Smartphone scanning QR codes

QR codes win the favor of Apple

While QR codes may be popular in marketing, they are often considered to be the black sheep of the technology industry. Today’s technology field is very similar to the fashion industry, where form is as important as function. Technology developers are keen to create products that are visually appealing and QR codes do not typically fit in with their aesthetic interests. Apple, however, has been showing signs that it has no ill will when it comes to the matter of QR codes, especially when it comes to mobile commerce.

Apple announces avoidance of NFC

There has been a great deal of news circulating around Apple recently concerning the company’s interests in mobile payments. Apple’s patents concerning NFC-centric services have spawned numerous rumors regarding the company’s future in the mobile commerce arena. Recently, however, Apple notes that it does not actually have any interest in NFC technology, favoring instead a technology that is older and not well loved within the technology sector: QR codes.


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Smartphone scanning QR codesCompany builds QR code reader into iOS 7

Apple recently unveiled the iOS 7, the next iteration of the company’s popular operating system. The company has built a QR code reader directly into the operating system in order to give iPhone and iPad users the inherent ability to scan the QR codes they find. The QR code reader is meant to work with Apple’s Passbook, which functions as a sort of mobile wallet, storing various types of information and even digital tickets. There is a problem, however, as the code scanner will only recognize QR codes that are made specifically for the Passbook.

QR codes could help boost Passbook adoption

Apple has a strong desire to see adoption of its Passbook grow exponentially in the near future. The company believes that QR codes could be an effective way to accomplish this task while also providing consumers with the ability to access digital content. The codes may serve a mobile commerce application as well, as these codes can be scanned to purchase products in increasingly popular “pop-up” stores.

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