App uses QR codes to pay consumers for their attention

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A new service called PiggyPeg has been designed to reward smartphone users for visiting designated sites.

A mobile app called PiggyPeg has now been released and is attempting to convince businesses that one of the best ways to be able to make money by way of mobile is to encourage consumers to actually visit a certain Sao Paulo, Brazil, location by paying them when they scan QR codes upon arrival.

Regardless of whether or not they actually make a purchase, as long as quick response codes are scanned, a reward is given.

This mobile app uses QR codes as the foundation of a new type of advertising model that has been designed to appeal to consumers and to attract them to various points of sale. It gives them a reward for having paid attention to the ads and essentially works as a type of entertaining game that will help them to save money, that will encourage them to learn more about their finances, and that does so through brief, simple messages and barcode scans.

The app uses both QR codes and geolocation technology in order to ensure that the content is relevant to the user.

qr codes scannerTo use PiggyPeg, the mobile device owner simply has to open up the app and view the various shops that are highlighted on the map. Alternately, they can elect to use the geolocation feature of the application so that it will show them the nearest shop locations. Then, all they need to do is choose one of the shops that appeal to them and head over to those locations. Within the stores, they can scan a QRcode that is displayed in order to collect their reward. Once their balance reaches R$20 (about $6.50 USD), the balance can be redeemed and the amount can be deposited directly into the user’s bank account.

According to the founder of PiggyPeg, Eduardo Moreira, the goal was to provide an alternative to programs that were based on coupons and points in order to provide consumers with genuine motivation to actually enter a local business. This is meant to help to use mobile marketing effectively while focusing the advertising dollars on a specific target market who will actually act on the ads that they see.

Each of the QR codes is unique to the businesses associated with them. The barcode reader is built into the PiggyPeg app so an additional application will not be required. Up to one prize per day is permitted and greater rewards are possible when the latest finds are shared over social media.

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