App developers showing favor for NFC technology

NFC technology mobile commerce

Survey shows that developers are considering NFC technology to be a high priority

Evans Data Corporation, a leading market research firm, has released the latest results of its Mobile Development Survey. At least twice a year, the firm polls mobile developers around the world, collecting data to form insight on the emerging trends that are shaping the development landscape. This year, the Mobile Development Survey shows that NFC technology is becoming a major priority among applications developers. Many of these developers are beginning to support NFC throughout the platforms, with many more planning to support the technology in future endeavors.

NFC proves more important than other technologies

The survey shows that approximately 31% of developers throughout the world support NFC technology in their software. Another 45% notes that they too will support the technology within the next 12 months. The survey shows that NFC technology is a higher priority among developers than voice recognition and some location-based technologies are.  Ironically, the survey suggests that developers are showing favor for NFC technology due to the security and access it provides to their platforms.

NFC technology mobile commerceNFC continues to receive criticism over security

NFC technology is most common in the mobile commerce sector, but has been used in marketing in the past. The technology has recently seen use as a data sharing tool and has become very popular among some consumers for this purpose. The technology is often criticized for its lackluster security and the fact that it has become a very popular target among hackers. Indeed, security concerns have lead many companies to avoid NFC technology when it comes to mobile commerce and seek out alternatives. As far as data sharing goes, however, the technology remains somewhat popular, with many social networks beginning to embrace NFC to offer new services to consumers.

Survey predicts that NFC technology will continue to grow in importance

The survey suggests that NFC technology will continue to attract support among mobile developers for the foreseeable future. Some of these developers may be able to overcome some of the security issues associated with the technology and make NFC safer to use in a wider range of ways. Currently, the technology remains heavily involved in the mobile commerce space and this is unlikely to change in the near future.

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