Android compatible QR Pal code scanner released to combine scanning and sharing

QR code App

QR code App
United Kingdom-based QR Pay Ltd., has unveiled its latest Android compatible application in the form of its new QR Pal Mobile Phone app product.

This new app was created to increase the usefulness of the typical QR code scanner, by permitting additional features after scanning, such as storing the barcode and sharing it among friends. It also provides an additional “Safe Browsing” element, in addition to a payment facility, so that it is the first QR code scanner app that places focus on security.

According to CTO Chris Cooke, from QR Pay Ltd., said that there are a vast array of different QR code scanning apps currently available on the market, but that the company was looking to offer consumers a great deal more than the basic, typical service. Instead, they wanted to offer a scanner that would make QR codes much more appealing to consumers and help to expand the use of the technology through the ability to share the codes with friends using social media networks.

That said, Cooke also acknowledges that there were security issues that were not being addressed by the current standard products. While QR codes are associated with very low security risks, “we wanted to do what we can to protect the end user – hence us incorporating the Safe Browsing feature into the App.”

The QR Pal app lets the user scan either a traditional barcode or a QR code, while offering a number of settings that allows the user to save, automatically save, follow a link, edit, share or otherwise use codes that have been scanned. It also has a number of different category settings so that when the auto save function is used, codes will be automatically organized into the desired folder.

Moreover, it combines QR codes with the power of social media by allowing them to be shared by Facebook, Twitter, email, MMS, and LinkedIn.

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