Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Amazon Prime Day - Amazon logo on mobile phone

67 percent of Americans intend to shop more tomorrow than on the traditional start of the holiday season.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 will take place on October 13 and 14 and, according to a new CNBC report, 67 percent of Americans plan to shop more on those two days than they will on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The holiday shopping season will apparently start more than a month early this year.

Amazon Prime Day typically takes place in July. That said, it was moved this year in response to the pandemic. This year, it will take place tomorrow and the next day, and it looks as though it will be launching the holiday shopping season. American consumers plan to do more shopping on that day than they do over a month later on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the traditional launch to the holiday shopping season.

A 2020 RetailMeNot survey stated that: “Amazon Prime Day is expected to be the No. 1 shopping day in Q4, with 67% of people planning to make a purchase during the savings event this year.” It appears as though people are already prepared to hunt for the best possible deals they can find, as they face an already challenging financial year.

The annual Amazon Prime Day event looks to break records in an already record-breaking year.

Amazon has already been enjoying record breaking profits as consumers have quickly turned to the platform to purchase what they need by way of its website and popular app. Consumers who would usually run to the local store to pick up certain items are using mobile commerce channels for everything from groceries to clothing and electronics so that they can reduce their virus exposure risk.

Every year, this day generates the largest number of new memberships to the online marketplace’s Prime program. With social distancing still a requirement to keep exposure levels down, it appears that consumers intend to shop in droves and, to take advantage of this savings opportunity, will be signing up for memberships in the program.

The 48-hour Amazon Prime Day 2020 event looks as though it will be leaving all prior Amazon Prime Day - Amazon logo on mobile phoneyears in the past and will be reshaping the way we think of the holiday shopping season for this year

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