Amazon launches Price Check mobile app to provide consumers with discount opportunities

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Amazon has announced to its consumers that it has made a Price Check mobile app available for comparison shopping throughout the holiday season.

This new application provides shoppers with an additional discount on their purchase worth 5 percent, so that they can save more money with their gift buying. Starting on December 10th, Amazon’s Price Check app users will receive an additional discount of 5 percent, up to five dollars, off up to three items that they purchase among the music, DVD, electronics, toys, and sporting goods qualifying products.

The online retailer is expecting that day to be one of the heaviest days of the year for using the Price Check app.

According to spokesperson, Sally Fouts, from Seattle, the application is a useful tool for helping consumers to make sure that they’ll be able to find a good deal for the items on their shopping lists. She added that “Price Check in-store deals are a one-day incentive to encourage shoppers to make sure they’re getting a good deal when they shop.”

Beyond providing the one-day deals in-store, the app also provides consumers the ability to submit other store prices to the Price Check application.

The app is available for both Android- and iOS-based mobile devices. To use it, a consumer simply needs to scan the barcode of a product, and the app will display the prices for that item at Amazon and other retailers online. Users can also snap a picture of the product or say the product’s name in order to receive the price comparison.

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