enters into tablet commerce collab with Baidu

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The American online marketplace is working with the Chinese company for Fire sales in China. has now joined forces with the top search company in China, Baidu, in order to be able to enhance its tablet commerce by releasing its Fire device to the Chinese consumer marketplace.

This tablet contains a range of different features designed to let it stand out from other similar devices.

The tablet commerce offerings from Amazon have been carefully designed to set the Fire apart from other devices within the same category. For example, it contains parental control features as well as “Blue Shade”. According to Neil Lindsay, the vice president of devices at, the Fire will be released as a highly affordable option for Kindle e-readers who live in China. Their target market will primarily be people who are learning English. The first release of the device was in September in the United States, but now it has made its way to China for about $80 (400 Yuan).

This tablet commerce offering is meant to complete the e-reader experience with the added features.

tablet commerce amazon technology news apple watch appThe reason is that e-readers are falling out of favor due to their long list of limitations when compared to what larger screened smartphones and smaller screened tablets have to offer. With a tablet such as the Amazon Fire, consumers are able to read in bed at night, after having checked their email and watched an episode of their favorite sitcom. While this may not be helping people who are already struggling with insomnia, it does slip perfectly into some of the most common mobile trends.

That said, Amazon has worked a feature called “Blue Shade” into its Fire tablet to combat that problem. Science has determined that it is the blue light given off by devices that has led to many of the sleep disturbances they cause. Therefore, the Blue Shade enabled devices will filter the screen brightness at night and will use warm colors, “shading” out the blue side of the spectrum.

This feature can be turned on and off by the user in order to produce greater comfort when viewing the screen in the dark, as well as to reduce the impact on sleep quality. Amazon hopes that this type of addition to its tablet commerce offerings will make all the difference within China’s marketplace.

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