Amazon and BlackBerry team up to develop tomorrow’s tech

Amazon and BlackBerry - Handshake - Partnership - Business

The tech giant has partnered with the former cell phone leader for autonomous vehicle technology.

Amazon and BlackBerry are now working together for the co-launch of a new autonomous vehicle technology suite. Though the tech giant has been pursuing this area for a while, it has determined that working with the cutting-edge software expert is its next step forward.

The online marketplace may be capable of a great deal, but it can still benefit from outside help.

Amazon and BlackBerry started working together in recent weeks on a technology suite designed for vehicles that drive themselves. A joint press release issued by the companies describes the new platform as making possible for “automotive manufacturers to securely access data from vehicle sensors, and create software applications and machine-learning models for connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles.”

That automotive market is expected to be huge. The partnership between these two companies may have jointly propelled them into a leadership position.

That said, many people wonder why Amazon would need the assistance of a company like BlackBerry.

BlackBerry’s rapid decline from its leadership in cell phone hardware is hardly a secret. In fact, the company recently revealed that its last contract for licensing its name to manufacturers making phones under their brand will expire this year. While Amazon continues to be a world leader in artificial intelligence technology, it seems odd that it would seek the help of the Canadian company.

The truth of the matter is that the former phone hardware leader has left that direction behind them and has moved on in a shockingly successful way. Ten years ago, many wondered whether or not the company would survive. Today, it creates emerging technology software. This includes software for big data, the Internet of Things and, yes, autonomous vehicles. The opportunity offered by partnership with them wouldn’t have been difficult to spot.

While automaking remains a vital industry, the technology behind the vehicles has also become a powerful opportunity. This is particularly true as it seems ever more likely that self-driving vehicles will start entering our roads and eventually become mainstream.

According to Gartner, by 2024, there will be almost one million autonomous vehicles on the road every year from then onward. Clearly, this presents a considerable opportunity Amazon and BlackBerry - Handshake - Partnership - Businessfor Amazon and BlackBerry if they manage to keep their leadership spot in software for that industry.

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