Amazing gadgets that will actually help you to save money

mobile payments money saving gadgets

Many devices like a digital tire pressure gauge seem like they’d be a lot of fun, but they can do so much more.

Gadgets are a lot of fun to buy. Though we do like to get them so that we can play with them and enjoy the novelty of them, there are some devices, such as battery chargers, water bottle filters, and a tire pressure gauge that can also save you money when you use them.

The true genius of finding the right kinds of money saving devices is in balancing fun with practicality.

After all, there are tons of little gizmos out there. So it can seem like it would be a good idea to get them when you see these gadgets demoed and it looks like they’d save you time or effort. However, so many of them will simply end up sitting on your shelf or in your closet, unused, because they’re not actually realistic. The true gems are the ones that you’ll actually use to benefit yourself in your everyday life and that will help you to keep your cash in your pocket.

The following are some of the top gadgets for being both fun and great for saving you money.

mobile payments money saving gadgets• Digital tire pressure gauge – when you use a digital tire pressure gauge on a monthly basis, you’ll take about 2 minutes out of your month, but you’ll keep up your tires to their proper inflation level. How much will that save you each year? You may be surprised to hear that it’s hundreds. The reason is that it reduces gas consumption by a measurable amount while being easier on your car, and it gives you an average of 25 percent more lifespan on your tires.
• Water bottle filters – you know that buying disposable water bottles is bad for the environment, but you don’t like the taste of tap water. Are you doomed to choose between the environment and your taste buds? Nope. You can purchase a reusable water bottle with built-in filters. Each filter can be used about 180 times and is a fraction of the cost of buying cases of water. You’ll save the environment and your bank account at the same time.
• Compact fluorescent light bulbs – these save a massive amount of electricity. They also save you from having to change bulbs all that much. They last for a much longer amount of time than the old standard incandescent bulbs and will save you enough on your energy bill that they pay for themselves in as little as 4 months. Considering that they’ll typically last for years at a time, After four months, all you’re doing is keeping your money in your wallet.

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