Aluminum foil could be the key to mobile security for NFC-enabled credit cards and smart phones

NFC Security

NFC Security

Mobile commerce is becoming more popular around the world thanks to NFC technology. At this point, mobile payments seem to be inevitable as more companies begin to adopt NFC technology to help facilitate the new form of commerce. Though the concept is gaining momentum, consumers are showing serious concern for the safety of their financial information in relation to mobile payment platforms. NFC technology has enabled consumers to make purchases without making contact with a physical platform. The technology is used in credit cards and some smart phones, making these platforms a target for a new breed of thief.

Identity thieves are evolving to adapt to changes in technology. They are now beginning to use electronic scanners to steal the financial information stored within a smart phone or credit card’s NFC chip. These scanners can acquire this information in a matter of seconds and require the thief to steal this data simply by standing next to a person. Companies investing in NFC technology and mobile commerce have been working to combat this type of theft, but have been unsuccessful thus far. There is a way consumers can protect themselves, and the method is much simpler than any solution big technology companies have come up with yet.

Consumers can protect their information with nothing more than a piece of aluminum foil. Wrapping a credit card in a small amount of foil can stop electronic scanners from accessing the information stored within the card without having an adverse effect on the information itself. This can be used with smart phones as well, though the foil will likely interfere with incoming calls and messages. Nonetheless, a simple solution to the problem of identity theft may be well worth the effort until technology companies can find a way to solve the problem for good.

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