Alibaba takes majority of China’s mobile commerce market

china people mobile commerce

Alibaba continues to show how dominating it can be in the mobile market with its Alipay platform

China’s Alibaba is quickly conquering the country’s mobile market. A growing number of consumers are beginning to turn to Alibaba when it comes to making large purchases and many are beginning to make these purchases through the company’s Alipay platform. The platform has become much more popular than similar solutions that are being offered by the country’s banks. The mobile services that banks offer to Chinese consumers are unreliable, which has been a point of criticism among consumers for some time.

Alipay proves more reliable than similar services coming from banks

The Alipay platforms can be used for just about anything that involves money. The platform can be used to make a down payment on an apartment or transfer money to other people using nothing more than a mobile device. The functionality of other platforms is more limited, typically making them only viable for mobile shopping. The accessible nature of Alipay has made it possible for Alibaba to establish a strong position in China’s mobile market, and could help the company effectively corner the market.

Alibaba shows that it is capable of controlling the Chinese market

china people mobile commerceThe Chinese market is massive, representing more than 1 billion consumers, a growing portion of whom are beginning to rely more heavily on their mobile devices. It can be difficult for any single company to establish a commanding position in this market, but Alibaba has managed to succeed in doing so by providing consumers with a convenient and reliable platform that suits their needs and is capable of adapting to consumer behavior quickly.

Government regulations may derail the growth of mobile payments throughout China, but companies are working to relax these regulations

Alibaba is not alone in the mobile market, of course, but the company does currently represent the majority of the Chinese mobile commerce market share. Companies like Alibaba are currently working to overcome the limitations that the Chinese government has placed on mobile payments, hoping to lessen regulations in order to help mobile commerce continue to thrive throughout the country.

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