Snapchat rolls out AI chatbot to all users

AI chatbot - Snapchat app

The tech, called MyAI, is not unlike the headline-making ChatGPT and initially saw a limited release.

Snapchat has announced that the MyAI AI chatbot that had initially been available only to a limited number of users is now being rolled out to everyone.

The service makes it possible to talk or collaborate creatively in a new way on the app.

The GPT-powered AI chatbot is now being rolled out to all Snapchat users for free. This announcement was made at Snap’s yearly developer conference as the company seeks to carve out a new direction to give it distinction away from giants such as TikTok and Instagram.

Snapchat AI chatbot

This means boosting its artificial intelligence technology access while also pushing forward on the distinction between private and public posting. The company is also moving forward with share payments to successful creators based on the revenue generated by viral content they have posted.

The AI chatbot was initially released only for Snapchat+ subscription service members.

The MyAI now appears as an additional chat contact within the app. Not unlike with ChatGPT, users are able to ask MyAI factual questions, have conversations and request creative content.

“It really deepens our ability to serve our mission of helping people express themselves, learn about the world, live in the moment and have fun together,” said Jack Brody, vice president of product at Snap.

Users will also be able to add the MyAI to group chats, allowing them to refer to this artificial intelligence assistant when they have queries that arise throughout the conversation with the group. Snapchat+ paying subscribers will also have access to additional tools, such as sending photos to the MyAI in order to generate entirely artificial intelligence generated images, explained Brody.

“The idea is you snap My AI and it can snap you back,” he said about the AI chatbot feature. “In the early days, most of the experiences are really just fun and playful, and exciting to experiment with. There’s certainly opportunities to make that a useful feature as well: one of the things that’s been fun is snapping it some ingredients and it can send you back a recipe.”

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