AI Agents are among OpenAI’s next big developments

AI Agents - AI Developments

What will it mean when artificial intelligence is available to start performing tasks on our behalf?

OpenAI is now reportedly working on the development of AI Agents, which will be capable of performing certain basic tasks on a user’s device when asked to do so.

If OpenAI is successful in creating this technology, it could completely change AI.

If OpenAI successfully creates AI Agents able to do things like send an email or book a vacation on behalf of a user, it will entirely change the nature of the relationship users have with artificial intelligence

AI Agents - OpenAI
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That said, it’s important to point out that OpenAI still has a number of challenges that it will need to overcome before these assistants can be launched.  Among the main challenges is that while artificial intelligence is good at working with text, there is a difference between generating text and completing a task. 

There is, after all, quite a difference between talking about a good vacation and actually going through the processes required to book one that will turn out well within all the different criteria necessary to make that happen, from budget to personal preferences.

To create these assistants, the company will need to be able to step beyond text and into action. Though it has yet to officially announce that it is working on this project, it has been reported in the media, starting with a report in The Information, which cited an anonymous source with knowledge of the project.

The development of two AI Agents to be able to execute tasks on behalf of users.

There are two different AI agents in development, according to the report. Each of them will be able to help people using mobile devices such as smartphones, as well as users on laptops or desktops.

To train the artificial intelligence to function in this way, OpenAI is showing it samples of people using computers to complete various tasks.

One of the AI Agents will be able to assist people by handling web-based tasks, such as booking concert tickets or visiting a website to obtain data.  The other will work with applications installed on the device, such as drawing data from a document to transfer it to a spreadsheet.

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