ACS announces new virtual transit card plan in Pennsylvania powered by NFC technology

NFC Technology

NFC Technology
A new transit card plan is coming to Pennsylvania this week, backed by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. The plan comes from Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), an information technology and business process service provider and subsidiary of Xerox. The new transit cards will feature NFC technology, allowing users of public transportation to their smart phone rather than a paper or plastic ticket. The transit cards are, essentially, a virtual alternative to more conventional options.

The cards will be used throughout the state’s busses, subways and train networks. ACS has launched similar plans in the past in New York City and New Jersey with relative success. The company believes that NFC technology can streamline the process and take stress away from commuters who rely on public transportation to get to and from work every day. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority will also be using a real time data service that allows them to adapt to the needs of consumers as they arise.

NFC technology has been getting a lot of attention in the worlds of commerce and marketing, but the technology is beginning to make an impact in other industries. For transportation, NFC can be used as a way to provide travelers with a more intuitive experience, cutting down on some of the problems and delays they face because they lose their tickets or cannot find appropriate information.
The ACS transit card plan will be launched over the course of the next three years.

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