A virtual fitting room…Genius!

Topshop Mobile Advertising

Topshop Mobile Advertising

The Microsoft Kinect, a camera peripheral for the Xbox 360 console that allows people to play games without a controller, has been put to work in Russia by clothing retailer Topshop. The Kinect has garnered acclaim since its release in November of last year for its affinity for augmented reality. Topshop is taking advantage of the platforms capabilities by using it as an AR fitting room, allowing customers to try clothes on without trying them on.

The Kinect is part of a virtual system in the retailer’s most popular store in Moscow. The project was developed by AR Door, a developer of augmented reality campaigns. The company toyed with the interface of the Kinect to make it more compatible with image recognition and 3D models. Shoppers need only approach the body-sized screen the Kinect is attached to in order to begin the experience.

The system superimposes clothes onto customers befitting their preferences. Shoppers can change the style of the clothes to match anything they find within the store itself. The experience is fully customizable, allowing for shoppers of all shapes and sizes to participate in a virtual fitting without having to do any of the work themselves.

Topshop’s system is still a prototype for what they hope will be more available in the future. The 3D models used in the system are not as high quality as one might guess considering the technology, but its use and popularity amongst shoppers shows that augmented reality is establishing itself in the lives of consumers.

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