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QR Code Contest Freya
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QR Code Contest Freya

The world of mobile marketing is getting a little more exciting as Freya, UK based makers of lingerie, unveils their new outdoor marketing campaign. The outdoor campaign was developed by Rees Bradley Hepburn, a prominent advertising agency in the UK. The agency has had success with using QR codes in the past and opted to use the barcodes in Freya’s campaign, believing that the interactivity of the codes will make the campaign more engaging.

Freya is yet another British company that has adopted the use of QR codes as smart phones continue to enthrall consumers throughout the nation.

The campaign will feature QR codes in booklets passed out by lingerie clad models, whom will be strolling up and down Oxford Street in London for the next two weeks. The codes link to a mobile website where consumers can enter a contest. Winners will have the option to choose between a year’s worth of lingerie or a custom designed set of swimwear. The swimwear is one of a kind, but it is a precursor to a new brand that will be launched on June 27th of this year.

Freya is also planning on promoting their social media presence through use of QR codes. Those scanning the codes will have the option to share videos and other content on Facebook as well as “Like” Freya’s own page. Smart phone users will also be directed to the company’s Twitter feed, where they can find updates on the campaign and keep track of contest announcements.

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